Presenting the results for UnderGara of Sofia Municipality‘s program "Europe".

/10 September 2015/


On September 10 at the Laboratory for urban design "Transformatori" we presented the results of the feasibility studies for the transformation of the abandoned under railway station’s square Rotunda - UnderGara in a center of creative businesses, social services and alternative urban mobility, funded by Sofia Municipality’s program “Europe".


The first part of the presentation included:

  • Sociological research of the public attitudes, what is the best to happen on the  abandoned spaces;
  • Conceptual architectural project;
  • Visual strategy, website and a strategic vision for development of the space;
  • Promo clip and presentation;
  • Development of a concept and space management.


The second part of the presentation was a public discussion with the participation of governmental and non-governmental organizations, representatives of institutions and people, interested in the future of the under railway station’s square and its 140 spaces.


Project partners:

French Institute

Association Transformatori

Art Foundation DOMA

AFIS sociological agency

Association Veloevolucia

NIGHT of theatres on UnderGara: one possible place for theater

/15 November 2014/


UnderGara was part of the NIGHT OF THE THEATERS. We met under the station where tried some warm wine and other sweets, settled comfortably in designer chairs, listening the stories of the people behind the project, it’s past and upcoming steps of development.


The topic which we’ve discussed was the alternative spaces for theater and UnderGara as a possible one.

Geo and his puppets have shown us that there is life in everything, with our without spirit, as long as we believe. This is how we went to the stage with Geo’s dolls in the Night of the Theaters.

Under The Same Sky

/30 March 2014/


Together with Sofia Municipality and the Association for Development of Sofia we have organized an open day in support of “Sofia - candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019”, with the topic "Culture overtakes spaces". The Rotunda in front of the Central Railway Station was filled with artists from different areas: art workshops and art market, dance lessons, games, music with bagpipes, DJs and live bands, free-style, jam sets and others. The event was organized in aid of a charity for the rpoject UnderGara to transform the spaces and the underpass of the Central railway station.

Two months of events in support of UnderGara: dance, music, cinema

/September-October 2013/


For the two months of September and October the Rotunda underpass of the Central railway station was filled with life with weekly events such as workshops, theater, break dances, Djs, live music, and many other that attracted people from different parts of the city to come as well involved the passing public, that have become part of the program.

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